Nearshoring is the best option for those companies who need great IT talent while significantly reduce the cost of delivery.

By using Page Consulting Nearshore Services our clients from US and Canada assure to have access to a wide variety of IT profiles from and all LATAM that work in the same time zone and are aligned both technically and culturally.

Page Consulting: Nearshore Services - Why Latam

Strategic time zone

LATAM's time zone enables the possibility to have real- time communication and same working schedules with major US cities.


All our Delivery Centers in Latin America are very well connected with US and Canada with frequent non-stop business routes to many major cities.

Cost effective solutions

LATAM is a very convenient location to hire IT talent as resource cost is much lower than the same skillset in USA. This, without compromising the quality of delivery.

Great talent pool

More than 1.000.000 students graduate every year in LATAM.

Nearshore Services: Why Page Consulting?

Why choose Page Consulting?

Talent availability

  • 2500+ Pagers allocated in many different accounts 
  • 3 month talent pool

Talent sourcing

We have access to talent from all LATAM countries.

Talent as a service

Our model is not a traditional outsourcing model, it is an IT Talent Service. We assign a Project & Talent Manager to each client to ensure deliverables and SLAs, we also comply with Outsourcing regulations.

Visa TN

If temporary relocation is required, we have access to Visa TN and will handle all the paperwork.

Nearshore Services: Delivery Center LATAM

Our Delivery Centers

We operate with 7 Delivery Centers in Latin America, serving the local and Nearshore market:

Nearshore Services: Delivery Centers Latam

Delivery Centers

If you are looking for an ally for Nearshore services, contact us.